3 Reasons You Should Choose Outsourcing to Ukraine

Outsourcing has become the global tendency which is gathering momentum. It seems that many businesses are considering it at some point. What is the best country to outsource your IT projects to?


In terms of outsourcing Ukraine seems to be the most optimal country. According to the Outsourcing Journal Global Association (GSA), Ukraine has become the top outsourcing market in Eastern Europe.


Let’s briefly look at least at 3 reasons for it.

  1. Treasure-Trove of Quality and Expertise

Presently, Ukraine has a community of about 166,000 software engineers. This country ranks fourth in the world by the number of tech specialists after such IT giants as the United States, India, and Russia.


Oracle, eBay, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel have already made wise choices by actively using local IT and software development companies in Ukraine. Some very excellent IT solutions have been produced there due to the blend of sound management and compatible Ukrainian culture.


The significant factor is that Ukraine’s national technology market is very responsive to global innovative trends. Research and development (R&D) advancement is part and parcel of Ukrainian IT policies, starting all the way from analytical solutions and general applications and up to the ground-breaking development of IoT solutions and AI.


Ukrainian software engineers scored as the world’s best with the average rating of 91.26% according to SkillValue.


Ukraine’s local vendors are unique as they offer partnership relationship model which is transparent, built on trustworthiness and careful consideration of the customer’s needs. They pursue a goal of top excellence rather than average results. In one word, this is the place where there’s a nice blend of decent soft skills and pretty attractive human traits. That is of great importance for outsourcers as well.


  1. Leading Center of Education & Human Capital

Ukraine’s education is considered to be very profound and comprehensive. The facts speak for themselves:


  • over 36,000 students graduate from 402 universities with degrees in technology, engineering, and science;
  • over 15,000 of students graduate with the IT-related diplomas.


Education is regarded as a valuable part of one’s career. In addition to many universities, there are diverse training opportunities in the form of seminars, schools, and courses for those willing to take a deeper dive into practical software development skills or the latest technology advancements like Data Science, robotics, AI, IoT and etc.


According to LinkedIn accounts, computer engineers are predominant in such specializations as Java, JavaScript, C, C#, PHP, .NET. Almost every programming language and technology is presented in Ukraine’s market starting from Scala, Magento and all the way to Unity3D.


Ukraine is the home of over 1,000 IT companies and over 2,000 startups offering a wide range of IT-related services across the nation from R&D services and consulting to application development and quality assurance.


There’s a whole host of local community tech events and networks in Ukraine including, DevFest Ukraine, IT Arena, ODSC Ukraine iForum, AI & Big Data Conference, ITEM to name a few.


  1. Value for Optimal Cost

The purpose of outsourcing is to find a good quality service for an affordable price. Ultimately, it’s all about cost efficiency. Ukraine’s is one of the destinations where you can get a good deal with competitive pricing from IT service providers. Your business can expect to cut its expenses by 40% to 60% if you outsource software development to this country.


More and more companies from around the globe invest in software development in Ukraine. Outsourcing companies are attracted to Ukraine due to its comparatively low cost of living, positive IT climate, comprehensive flexibility provisions, as well as security regulations and data protection.



Is Ukraine the right choice for your next software project?


If you are outsourcing Ukraine IT companies can offer some apparent advantages, such as ideal destination, trustworthy and professional partners, clear double communication. All of these factors lead undoubtedly to successful outsourcing experience.


Ukraine with its perfect location makes it one of the most attractive destinations for outsourcing of software engineering services. It is possible as Ukraine continues to offer high quality services, business-oriented values, human capital, and cost efficiency. It might be a good place for your IT ideas to be brought to life.