From juice to food: How to Eat Again Post Cleanse

Juice cleansing is the best way of resetting your body to regain a healthy diet. It takes between three to five days for one to complete the juice cleansing process. It sounds an easy process to many but, it is important to take into consideration one’s choices of food, even after the best juice cleanse SF. Prior to cleanse, you should settle for raw diet. You should also reduce sugar and too much protein one week to the juice cleansing. Here are tips to make your post cleanse juice fruitful.

Take green smoothies

On your first day of post cleanse, green smoothies will do you good. You probably don’t want any liquid after the five days of juice cleansing. However, you don’t have to surprise your digestive system with the five days’ worth of food. Smoothies are rich in fiber that has been lacking in your diet during the juice cleansing process. It will prepare your digestive system for solid foods. Besides smoothies, you can also drink herbal or green tea as you introduce your digestive system to the world of digestion.

Eat a lot of raw and steamed vegetables

Enrich your lunch and dinner with lots of raw vegetables few days after your cleanse. Reduce intake of protein and fat rich foods such as pizza, dairy products and sugar. Such food might not only irritate you but also overshadow the effects of the cleansing. Steamed vegetables such as spinach and broccoli will greatly supplement your diet. Your body is getting onto track of digesting solid foods and introducing raw vegetables will enhance your digestion. Vegetables will also nourish your body with similar nutrients as juices.

Increase quantity of solid foods in your diet

Your digestive system is slowly getting back to its normal. Incorporate vegetables and solid foods to your diet. Once you feel comfortable about consuming regular foods, increase the quantity of solid foods in your diet. You can start introducing whole grains and cereals such as rice, sorghum bread and gluten. A day or two after, add dairy products and other protein rich foods. Finally, add foods rich in sugar. Beware that your stomach is still adjusting to digest solid foods. Avoid taking huge food portions to prevent irritation. Juice cleansing has taught you how to practice self-control when taking meals. Eat enough food that will only eliminate your hunger instead of taking heavy junks that will take time to digest.

Getting back to your normal self

Within five days of post-cleanse, your digestion is likely to be fully back to business. Every food seems welcome and chances of stomach irritation occurring are less. You can consume as much food as you wish. Take note that the juice cleansing helped you to detoxify the body. As you get back to your normal life, remember to frequently take fruits and other vitamin rich foods. Foods rich in fiber will help enhance your daily digestion and make you feel refreshed always.

Congratulations for undertaking the bold step to cleanse your body. Follow all the above steps for an even healthier life.