How to Dispute Medical Bills

Medical bills might be too high than what is expected. You will find yourself feeling stressed. There is no need of getting worked up. There is a way to dispute the medical bills. Radiology billing services might have made errors on their part. It is important to know the right procedure so as to win the dispute. Incorrect filing will mean that you get overcharged. This is not legal because they will be adding fees for no services. As a patient, you should get quality services and the accurate bill. This is how you should dispute the medical bills.

  1. Call the hospital and insurance company

This is the first step so as to get the reason why you were overcharged. You will need to have the list of services they offered to you. This will include any diagnoses and other medical procedures. They should be detailed to avoid any confusion. The insurance company should also give you a comprehensive claim of the bills.

  1. Collect the documentation in hard copy

It is then necessary to find the written documents. They will act as proof later on. This will involve the health provider who assisted you. You should request what you were diagnosed with and how you were treated. All this information is necessary so that they won’t think that you are making things up. Another important document is the time you checked in to the hospital and also check out time. If there are nurses who could identify you, that would be great.

  1. File an appeal

At this point you will need to contact a lawyer. The lawyer is good at helping you have a proper case. He or she will advise you on the way forward. You should do a research of the best attorneys. The lawyer will help speed the whole procedure. The insurance company should also know that you have taken matters ahead. The hospital should be made aware of the process to update the due date of the bill to a later date.

  1. Contact the State Insurance Commissioner

When you have the proper documents, it will be an easy process for you. This will help you fill a complaint form. You will also need to attach the documents of prove. They will therefore initiate contact with the hospital and insurance company. This will lead to a faster resolution. Most billing is done by billing companies. Both the health provider and the insurance company are involved. The parties will discuss how to resolve the situation. You will then get a notification reducing the bills.


The dispute resolution might take some time. You should be patient while this is happening. With the help of an attorney or the insurance commissioner, you will be helped. To avoid any disputes in future, you should always do a review of the payment. When you receive the bill, make a point of knowing exactly what you are being charged for. You should know what the insurer is covering. Is the claim fully covered or you will have to pay some cash? The bill presented should have the description of service and the amount. As a patient, you should know that your payment is generated by radiology billing services. They are an independent company.