Instagram is a social media site that has been employed in audience building, digital marketing, and learning purposes. To maximize the benefits of Instagram, one needs to build a massive follower base. Well, without further ado, let me take you to the five best ways you can use to gain real Instagram followers and popularity.

  1. Make great use of your bio profile.

A captivating profile will always attract followers. This needs to be brief, capture the most important aspects of your personality and lifestyle. Just, don’t overthink while building one. A bio profile is simply a brief way of advertising yourself and people will always be fascinated by your profile if you sell it right. If you add a bio URL for instance, make sure the link drives your fans into the newest and most popular content.

  1. Upload captivating photos.

To gain real followers on Instagram, it’s prudent to always upload captivating photos. There are individuals who scroll through profiles to see the real picture of the people they would love to follow. Ensure the photos you upload are real and of great quality. A picture is worth more than a thousand words were spoken. The more the posts and selfies, the better chances of gaining popularity.

3. Make use of your dedicated hashtag.

A very important way of using your dedicated hashtag to gain real followers is cross-promoting it. People may want to use your dedicated hashtag to share content about you. This means you have to take your game to the next level. Ensure the hashtag is in your profile and also have it printed in your offline platforms. This includes your receipts, your business advertising boards, and relevant events. If you are in TV shows or press interviews, direct your audience to use your hashtag. This will make you rise in both fame and popularity.

  1. Motivate your audience.

People feel great when inspired and tend to develop a liking towards the source of their inspiration. Using inspirational quotes is one way to achieve this. Ensure a steady output of inspirational messages in your posts. Besides, don’t just like your followers’ posts, sometimes take your time to also comment and build conversations. This way, you develop a connection with your followers and grow even more popular.

  1. Employ the use of shoutouts.

It goes without saying that quite a number of people have increased their popularity by using shoutouts. A shoutout is simply mentioning someone in your Instagram post or story. You can tag them in your post, or mention their account in the post caption. Using shoutouts is a rewarding way of gaining real followers. However, this method works best if you already have a large fan base, for instance, more than 15000 followers. Nevertheless, it’s good to give it a try.

In conclusion, Instagram is an amazingly great platform. It’s ever increasing in popularity and I do believe the more time you spend interacting with your followers, engaging them, and reaching out to new followers, the more chance you stand at gaining massive real followers. The above methods are among the best ingredients for growing in Instagram popularity.