Smart Wallets That Make Life Easier

Losing a wallet full of bills is not a pleasant situation. However, every second person encountered it. Someone can forget or loose wallet because of inattention, and others had wallets pulled out of their pockets by so-called “pickpockets”. And until recently, it seemed that there was no escape from this, but modern tech companies have found a way out. And what if we tell you that there are smart wallets that you can’t (well, or it is very hard to) lose?

Wallor 2.0

This wallet is not just a case for money and bank cards, but a security system with special GPS-tracking stickers that can be attached to your belongings. Thus, the owner of the gadget can track the location of the wallet, bank cards, documents, keys and find them using his smartphone. Also, this smart purse has an ultra-thin Power Bank with wireless charging, allowing you to charge the smartphone without any extra wires. And the alarm system will always remind a person about the loss of the wallet. To find more information on this marvelous wallet visit

This is a Russian project. It is similar to the previous one, it is less technologically equipped, but also quite interesting. The wallet works on a CR2032 battery. According to the developer, it should be replaced only once every six months. It is equipped with a magnetic lock and a special beacon, which will start to signal loudly if you lose sight of the accessory. Plus, there is a GPS locator that allows you to find your wallet location on the map.

This Smart Wallet is literally a copy of MiWilli in terms of functionality. They even run on the same batteries. This accessory works the same way: it sends audio signals to your mobile device when you leave your smartphone 30 meters away from your wallet.

Walli Smart Wallet has a patented SecurePockets technology, with which you can track the availability of documents, cards or banknotes in special secure pockets. If they are not there for too long, your wallet will send you a notice.

This wallet is more functional than some phones of the past.

The accumulator. This purse has the 2600 mAh battery built in. Because of this, the accessory is a little heavy, but at the same time practical. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can charge your mobile devices both via cable and wireless technology, if they support it.

Alarm system. Volterman is equipped with a Bluetooth alarm system. If you lose sight of your wallet, it will send signals to your smartphone. If you lose your smartphone, it will send signals to your wallet. That’s the kind of mutual help you get.

GPS locator. If you ever lose an accessory, you can track it from anywhere in the world. Your valuables will not be lost!

A Hotspot. This wallet can be like a compact modem. Need the Internet? Connect to the accessory! Manufacturers claim that the rates are 3 times cheaper than those offered by your operator when you are in another country.

Camera. If the wallet is far from your smartphone in the so-called “lost mode”, it will take a picture of everyone who opens it and send you the photos by e-mail. So, you can find the thief or the person who have found your wallet.