What Games to Play While High?

Sometimes, you just kept on getting wasted beyond enemy lines; or perhaps cannot get over what seems to be a simple jump over an iron fence. Well, when that happens, avid gamers usually take on cannabis for that added edge, as well as help them stay alert and focused to achieve success on their favorite game.

So let’s keep the fun, action and excitement rolling as we breakdown what games to play while high! On top of the list are the “first-person shooter games.”

• Call of Duty (COD)
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG)
• Counterstrike
• Crossfire
• Rules of Survival (ROS)
• Fortnite
• Rust
• Battlefield
• Sea of Thieves
• Super Hot
• TitanFall 2

These games are by far the most addictive first-person shooter video games out in the market today. Action games such as these rely heavily on each player’s skill, craftiness and teamwork. And with cannabis strains like Sour Diesel and Green Crack, they come hand-in-hand in bringing the fight to the next level. Incidentally, here are a couple of video links that you may watch of gamers taking on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and other outrageously action-packed games.

Role-Playing Games (RPG) is an action-adventure game that combines skill and decision making so that you may go further into the storyline by completing quests. As you go pass levels from the easiest to the most difficult that is typically brain-draining, the Green Crack strain can take you to a whole new level of gaming. Some avid gamers attested to this and more so you may want to check their reviews. The following may be some of the best sought-after Role-Playing Games to play when high:

• Fallout
• Diablo II
• Skyrim

Typically, these RPG video games become a “hack and slash” type of game especially when the gamer is stoned. Levelling your characters in-game becomes a cinch; after running down all adversaries to the ground. For a more in-depth analysis of these games, you may refer to a particular review on azarius.net.

So how about the classic games, can they be classified under games to play while high? Definitely, yes!
Mario Kart 64 from Nintendo is fun and high-octane racing game that pits you against everyone that is part of the race.
• Grand Theft Auto, one of the top-selling video games of all time, is a mix of fun and adventure in every turn. If you love cruising around and upgrading your cars, then this is the way to go.
• Movie Time gives the hardcore gamer the choice to pick his or her own theme-movie to play. A consistent fan-favourite: Friday The 13thThe Game.

Of course, there are other online games that you can play either stoned (or tipsy) like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), League of Legends (LOL), and the ever mindboggling world of Minecraft.

Depending on your take on the games you want to play, these games to play while high will definitely bring you to the next level of fun and excitement that only these pairing of strains and games can bring.